toka modern pv


TOKA MODERN PV carport, is a response to the demand of our customers who require more than just a carport. Its uniqueness lies in its stability, ergonomics and space, but above all, it has photovoltaic panels, which, by generating electricity, will allow you to charge your car or connect your gardening equipment.

The TOKA MODERN PV carport is made of aluminum profiles and stainless / steel elements electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated in 10 standard colors. It is an extremely stable and weather-resistant structure that will protect vehicles, create space for both relaxation and storage, and generate its own energy from the sun!

Carport Variants

single carport

double carport


Single carport generates about 3.7 kW!

Carport eqipment

The panel is a direct roof covering
Arrangement of panels - "east-west"
25-year warranty on the panels
Some of the most efficient panels on the market
Bezramowy panel "glass-glass" bi-facial
Frameless "glass-glass" bi-facial panel
The shed has static calculations
Possibility to order a charger
The additional utility room can be an ideal place for an energy bank.