Modern garden, lamella and roman pergolas

In order to provide your outdoor space with maximum comfort, we propose Roman terrace pergolas that will not only ensure its functionality but also its beautiful appearance. The structures designed and created by us for the garden are made of the highest quality materials so that they effectively protect against all kinds of external factors.
Designed with modern spaces in mind, Roman garden pergolas can be tailored to the needs and possibilities of your space. Thanks to the wide range of possibilities that we offer as a manufacturer, you can independently select both the colours of the structure itself and the sheathing, but also additional LED lighting, the type of fixing, slats, as well as glass walls or screens.

Among the proposals you will find Roman pergolas, which can be mounted both free-standing and attached to the terrace wall. LED lighting will ensure maximum functionality not only during the day, but also at night, and screens or sliding walls will effectively protect against the wind. The structure is also equipped with laths, which are available in a fixed version or in the form of wooden or aluminium moving elements, so that you can regulate the access of light to the terrace yourself.

Among the wide range of variants, there are also models with an automatically controlled roof, which are an excellent alternative to a conservatory. Thanks to their appropriately designed construction, they provide protection from the elements all year round, keeping out rain, wind or sun and ensuring natural air circulation.